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Unbound is a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign that began in 2016, in an industrial-era magitek world created by Tuz-oh. Since inception, Crowbar has documented the campaign through illustrations and comics that are now collected here.

These comics are not a continuous retelling of the campaign but hand picked scenes important to Crowbar’s player character, Ryybyn. The full story can be found in the book and PDF editions which have text summaries of all sessions to fill in the gaps, as well as exclusive comic scenes, extra illustrations, and appendices for NPCs and lore. If you want to support the comics, please consider buying the PDFs or a ko-fi!

Unbound is PG-13 for the most part with fantasy violence and blood, but there are occasional themes of drugs, self-harm, gender dysphoria, and abuse. One mention of rape. If you’re all good with that, then Start Reading >>

The Players


Plays Ryybyn and is the artist behind the comics. Full time artist and motorcyclist, spends too much time thinking about Unbound.


Dungeon Master and creator of the world and many of the NPCs. Releases homebrew D&D 5e content through Patreon.

Dan K.

Plays Alison. The dansomest man.

Nicki L.

Plays Gwen. Voted most likely to kill.


Plays Flynn. Can identity any gun from a blurry movie still.

Special thanks to Solient for doing additional coding on the theme to make existing features cooler and new features possible, and Iron for poking around when CSS made Crowbar want to tear out their hair.