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About the Comic

Ryybyn’s voice and music career were their identity, then they were stolen from them. They’re out to relearn their love of music and life, get their voice back, and maybe save the world a couple times in between all that.

Unbound began as a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign in 2016. Sagas 1 through 8 chronicle the campaign not as a continuous retelling but as select scenes important to the artist’s player character, Ryybyn. With the dissolution of the campaign in 2022 and beginning with Saga 9, Unbound is now an independent effort to conclude Ryybyn’s character arc. Other former players, Dan and Fey, who played Alison and Flynn respectively, give input and help with the writing.

Unbound is for Mature readers; although it’s mostly good ol’ fun, some fantasy violence and blood, there are occasional themes of suggestiveness, drugs, self-harm, gender dysphoria, and abuse. One mention of rape. If you’re all good with that, then…

About the Artist

Crowbar is a non-binary artist who has been making comics for well over a decade. Dungeons and Dragons turned into creative catnip for them and they had hundreds of pages before they knew it. They also illustrate across the board of sci-fi and fantasy for all sorts of games. You can find more of their works at their portfolio or social media. After Unbound, they plan on creating a new low-fantasy comic set on Mars.

Special thanks to Solient for doing additional coding on the theme to make existing features cooler and new features possible, and Iron for poking around when CSS made Crowbar want to tear out their hair.

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