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Session Guide

Saga 1: The Promotion

Session 1: The Promotion
Alison is “promoted” to work on the prison ship Ryybyn, Gwen, and Lydia are locked up on. They escape with a slave, Romeo, when the ship is attacked by pirate.

Session 2: Rumble in the Jungle
The party and the pirates are stranded on a deserted island and join forces to find a way off. Romeo is freed from his former master, Horatio Averchi.

Session 3: The Tomb
The island is discovered to be a tomb dedicated to Iraxle’s Beloved, one of the ancient dragon gods slain long ago. The pirate captain, Lucya Kryss, has draconic energy and is able to help the party navigate the tomb. In the deepest part, they obtain a Dragon Tear and discover an ancient teleportation circle.
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Session 4: The Thermopod
The teleportation circle brings the party – minus Lucya – to the icy Rimelands. They and monster tamer Artyom are hired by a railway mogul, Maviola, to defeat a monster known as the Thermopod. Maviola acts shifty and it’s discovered she had a schedule of past and future events, including the upcoming death of Alison’s estranged father.
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Session 5: The Power of Rock
The team launch their attack against the Thermopod. A confrontation with Maviola ends with Artyom teleporting the party away.
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Session 6: The Darkness
Artyom brings the party to the caves deep under the surface, where the darkness itself is something to be afraid of.
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Session 7: The Darkness Deepens
The party is taken by the Darkwatch after Artyom brokers an uneasy truce. After a rough rest they leave for the surface and to mercy kill Artyom’s old Friend, Serzhey, who succumbed to the Abyss.
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Session 8: Dragonslayers
After weeks of travelling the tunnels, the party is ambushed and captured by dragglings to be sacrificed to a pitiful, deformed dragon. Still a powerful menace, it gives the party a good fight before it is laid to rest and its soul absorbed into the Dragon Tear.

Session 9: The Bloodsand Beguiler
The party finally reach civilisation, and with that comes a drug cartel with an eye for the Dragon Tear.
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Session 10: Gravelgard
The party reach Alison’s home city, Gravelgard, up in the north of the Free States. She discovers her mentor, Gordon Goatsley, has been arrested on charges of illegal necromancy experimentation. Meanwhile, Lydia finds that the local cell of Firebirds are more cutthroat than the Firebirds she knows.
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Session 11: The Shard
On behalf of Gordon, the party investigate his secret lab. They seize his notes and a tiny shard of a Dragon Tear containing the immensely powerful soul of Ragnaxxa, the Eternal Night.

Session 12: The Duel
Ryybyn and Alison confront their worst enemies. Alison bests her rival, Ernesto, in a public mage duel. She shows him mercy afterwards and the two become friends – with still a healthy does of rivalry.
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Session 13: Machine for Pigs
Alison’s father, Lucci Corvocci, comes to town and sits for a tense dinner together. Lucci still cannot see his daughter’s ambitions differ from his and an argument ensues. The stress causes Lucci a heart attack – exactly on the day Maviola’s schedule predicted him to die. Meanwhile, the rest of the party fight a zombie pigman wandering the city streets at night.
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Session 14: The Final Promotion
Lucci survives the heart attack. Lydia investigates into the Firebirds and discovers that they are behind the zombie pigman and producing more in a plot to kill the city’s state mages. When law enforcement refuses to get involved, the party take it into their own hands and launch an attack – only to be interrupted by the Gold Dragon Inquisition! In the commotion, the party meet the shadowy Heirophant. Lydia kills the Firebird cell leader, Crimson Crow, then comes face to face with the leader of the Inquistor team: her sister. When the dust settles, the city rewards the party.