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Session 60 – Mutual Friend 1

Webcomic CollectionsUnbound DefendersWebcomic StorylinesSaga 7: Gold Dragon TourWebcomic CollectionsRyybyn, Flynn Fairbanks, Fuckster, Maximilian Goldstein ISession 60 – Mutual Friend 1 published on

Way back in Bloemsdorp, the Shepherd recognised Ryybyn’s eyes as being the same as the Kaiser’s. You know, the guy who built the whole freaking Empire and is a central figure of the Church of Aleksandyr because he has the Blood of Aleksandyr? We all just thought it was like, some lineage claim, you know how dragons are, but now that Ryybyn has the Tears of Aleksandyr we’re all like YO DID ALEKSANDYR LITERALLY GIVE HIS BLOOD TO THE KAISER?

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