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Session 63 – Golosto Games 15

Webcomic CollectionsUnbound DefendersWebcomic StorylinesSaga 8: SunfallWebcomic CollectionsRyybyn, Alison Crowe, Gwen Galewing, Flynn Fairbanks, Artyom, Romeo, EzekielSession 63 – Golosto Games 15 published on

Despite being a D&D 5e game, revival magic effectively does not exist, so Ryybyn bringing Ezekiel back to life is a pretty big deal!

Angel of Life is one of the abilities Ryybyn gained from the Tears of Aleksandyr that allows them to revive someone by touching the body. The target can’t have been dead for more than 10 days and Ryybyn takes 4 levels of exhaustion from the effort. Ryybyn can only revive a person they love.

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