The Party

  • Ryybyn

    Hoar Elf Lore Bard / Favoured Soul
    A former acolyte of Avizandyr who left the dull, oppressive church for a whirlwind life as a rock star that ended when their singing voice was stolen from them. The trauma, abuse, and lifetime of being told that they are undeserving of love left them bitter and hateful, but thanks to the party Ryybyn has…
  • Alison Crowe

    Dwarf Abjuration Wizard
    Alison is driven and ambitious, the only qualities she takes from her Napalino heritage. She left the mega-capitalist culture and her father’s armour manufacturing legacy to pursue her dreams as a State Mage and is determined to undo the Magic Crisis and make magic available to the common people. No matter how relentless her pursuit…
  • Flynn Fairbanks

    Tabaxi Drunken Master Monk / Rogue
    A con-man cat man with a heart of gold, Flynn’s life has been rough from the start. With no other prospects he turned to swindling and gambling, and made more and more trouble for himself and those he cared about. Even when he tried doing the right thing, he just seemed to make it worse.…
  • Liutbald "Lutz" Liebhart

    Hagpspawn Eldritch Knight
    Lutz overcame his troubled childhood and “evil” bloodline to excel as a member of the Aurum Inquisition. On duty, he is sharp-minded and the image of discipline; off duty, he’s laid back and a romantic. Lutz has held a crush for Ryybyn since their childhood. Lutz lost his arm and vision in his eye in…


  • Fuckster

    Ryybyn's Familiar
    Fuckster is the manifestation of all the parts of Ryybyn, unmarked by any of their life trauma. He is very affectionate, loves snoot boops and check squishies, and wants nothing more than to be your friend. His full name is Lord Master Fuckster Fuckenstein Fuckerburg, because a familiar should have a respectful name. Fuckster can…
  • Chester Dashwood

    Alison's Mimic
    An artificially constructed mimic gifted to Alison by Ernesto. Dashwood acts as a bag of holding, storing anything he swallows and biting anyone who Alison hasn't authorised to reach in. He is unwaveringly loyal to Alison. Dashwood is animated by binding a lesser spirit to his chassis. In the Overthere, the spirit appearances as a…