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Break It 20

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It’s combat, time to speedrun calming down from a panic attack. Yikes!

And this is where I leave off for a time – Ryybyn’s state reflects my own this month with all I’ve gone through. I hate to leave in the middle of a scene and so soon after an important introduction but a break is definitely in order. The comic will resume – I don’t want to leave until Ryybyn smiles again.

Unbound returns June-July

Unbound returns June-July published on

Due to harassment and life circumstances, the comic is on hiatus until sometime this summer. Please keep tabs on my socials for updates!

The joy of Unbound has always been creating a story alongside my fellow players and having our characters interact. Even with the original campaign long gone, it saddens me that someone wants to ruin my efforts to bring a conclusion to these beloved characters and smear my reputation. I plan to resume once stressful events have passed and my head has cleared.

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