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Stickers & Sunshine 6

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How do you boost your friends’ self-esteem and encourage them to do good deeds? With stickers, of course! Who doesn’t love them?

The certificates were a thing Dan did at the end of each session to highlight each player characters’ good deeds and each included a unique sticker drawing. They were al simple but very cute and I looked forward to them each time we played. 😀

Unbound Updates Mondays and Thursdays

Unbound Updates Mondays and Thursdays published on

Heya and welcome! Unbound is a Dungeons and Dragons inspired comic centric to the antics of Ryybyn, a bard who struggles to relearn their love of music and life after their singing voice was stolen. If you’re new check out the About and Archive pages to find out more and catch up. New pages will come on Mondays and Thursdays but there may be breaks.

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As of Saga 9, Unboundcomic is no longer set in the world of Unbound or affiliated with the world’s creator.