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Break It 11

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RIP AND TEAR!!! Todd still fears the words Kolya stuck in his head way back when are still true, might as well lean into it.

I rewrote Kolya’s dialogue so many times for this page, like every page of his dialogue has gone through an obscene amount of revisions but like he runs his mouth so much who made him this way!!!!


Panel 1
Kolya walks away with his back to the crowd.
Kolya: “I’m not so sure you wouldn’t piss away your voice again, that’s the sound of the band, it’s all our rep!”
Kolya: “I have to look out for more than just you”

Panel 2
Ryybyn look alert as they sense intense anger emanating from Todd, still behind them.
Kolya: “I covered your ass over and over only for you to crawl back with the same mongrel that tore you up! How many times will he have to cut you up before you admit he’s better off put down?”

Panel 3
Close up of Todd’s face, seething with anger.
“It’s for her own good. You’ll just hurt her.”

Panel 4
Ryybyn turns to face Todd, but their face is mixed with him hurting them in the past.
Ryybyn, telepathic: “Todd, stay with us–”

Panel 5
Kolya, in flashback: “That wild animal, let it out, let it howl”

Panel 6
In flashback, Todd’s hand is beastial and bloody
Kolya: “rip and tear”

Panel 7
In present, Todd fully opens his motorcycle’s throttle.

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